Day And Night
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
was developed for Mrs.Chavarria's Kindergarten Grade Class
at Clyattville Elementary School
Designed By Lauren Banks,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

paint picture

night and day
Why do we have night and day? This neat website will tell you all about  day and night and other information.
Garfield sleeping
Why do we need sleep at night? This website will give you the answer to this and other questions on sleep.
What are the different types of stars in the sky? Find this answer and other information about stars at this website.
nocturnal animal
What is a type of animal that comes out during the night time? This website will tell you this and about other animals that come out at night.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity
Let's pretend that you work for NASA. They have asked you to go on a mission in Outer Space to collect data on the different types of stars.You are to look at all the stars then choose two of the stars that you like the best.  Draw a picture of the two stars that you chose as your favorite stars. If  you need help remembering the stars go to this website for extra help.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity
Step 1: Go to the website to collect information and look at the different types of stars again.
Step 2: Draw a picture of the two stars that were your favorites.
Step 3: Describe your drawing and one interesting fact on the two stars you chose to your teacher so that he or she can write down your description of your pictures and the interesting facts.
Step 4: Your  picture and information will be put up for everyone to see by your teacher.

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