Real Amazing Reptiles
This TopicQuest was designed for Eli & Luke
By Kelly Waldron , a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher



Most reptiles have dry, scaly skin.  They breathe with lungs just as we do.  Reptiles are cold blooded and live in many different enviroments (woodlands, oceans, swamps, deserts, etc.).  Some examples of reptiles are turtles, snakes, lizards and crocodiles.  Reptiles are very interesting animals.  My son has a love for animals and recently got a python for his 
sixth birthday. If you have any interest in reptiles, please explore these links.  You can learn about some  amazing animals.

happydisc This is a green iguana.  He is a interesting reptile and makes a great pet. In this website you can watch the World's Animal Kingdom come to life.

happydisc This is a frog. How many times have you caught a frog? Do you want to see more animals called reptiles ?
This link has a childrens encyclopedia and dictionary area to help you with words that you may not know the meaning.

happydisc Turtles lay eggs as do most other reptiles.  Their young babies hatch looking like  small adult turtles.
If you want to learn more interesting facts about reptiles or any other animals, this link to The Birmingham Zoo is awesome!

happydisk Did you know snakes smell with their tongues?  Rattlesnakes are cold blooded  and  hibernate during the winter in gopher holes. Check out this link  to find  more interesting facts.

happydisk Do you like the show called Zooboomafoo? Well, it is a exciting animal show on PBS kids. This site is filled with amazing animals.  If you do enjoy this show or  are interested in Zooboomafoo, check out this site it produces the show. 

happy disc You can see reptiles in their own surroundings and see a variety of great photos of you favorite animal.

The Okefenokee Swamp Nature Hike


  I want you to imagine that you are on a hike at The Okefenokee Swamp  looking for different types of reptiles. This place is packed with reptiles.  We don't want to disturb nature, so be very quiet.  You need to describe at least three reptiles you saw on your hike.  You need to explain and draw what they are doing and what they look like.  You could draw these reptiles showing characteristics that are found among reptiles.  Use your imagination to describe and draw the animals as best you can.  If you need a little help, you should revisit some of the links.  A very helpful link that you may want to go back to is the Zooish Website.   You are able to watch  the World's Animal Kingdom come to life in animation and sound just as they are in nature.  Good luck on your hike!

Mission Steps

Step1: We will explore the links and the student will pick out three reptiles they are interested in. Paying close attention in how they are described and important details to better draw the reptiles.

Step2: After we have explored several sites, we can go back to revisit and reveiw.  Each  student will be able to identify the common componets of some repitiles.

Step3: The students should be able to draw their picture with at least three reptiles.  The student needs to be able to explain and write two or three interesting characteristics about their reptiles.

Step4: Share your picture with your teacher and other students.  

Enjoy your hike of The Okefenokee Swamp!

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