Fabulous Fall
This TopicQuest was desgned for Mrs. Harris' and Ms. Linda's Pre-K Class at Cook Primary School.
Designed by Kimberly Harrell, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


During the fall, the leaves change colors.  They become red, yellow, and brown.  To find out why the leaves change color, click here.
Thanksgiving is celebrated during fall.  Have you ever wondered why turkey is the main food prepared on this day?
Do you know what a pumpkin looks like?  Visit this site to learn all about pumpkins.
Did you know that autumn is another word for fall?  Explore this this site to learn more about autumn.
Look at this fun activity!  Watch this movie about the magical leaves changing colors.

~Mission Activity~
Now that we have learned about fall, it it time to have some fun. Today, we are going to be fall detectives.  We are going to investigate pumpkins and leaves.  During this investigation, we will learn many new and interesting facts about pumpkins, and we will learn why leaves change colors in the fall. 
~Mission Activity Steps~
 1.  With your teacher, explore the pumpkins and leaves web sites.
 2.  Listen to your teacher tell you interesting facts about pumpkins and leaves.  Answer any questions that your teacher may ask you. 
 3.  Draw a picture of pumpkins or fall leaves that you discover during your investigation.
After your drawings are completed, with your teacher, make a list of fall items.  This is to be completed on chart paper.
 5.  Give your drawings to your teacher to scan and publish on the Internet.
After your drawings are published on the Internet, a class book will be made.

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