Animals of the Rainforest
                   This page was designed for Ms. Moore's kindergarten class at
                   Clyattville Elementary School, by Kimberly Walker, a Valdosta State
              University Preservice Teacher.

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1. Have you ever seen a Power Point Project?  Well, a third  grade class at Pomeroy Elementary School in California, did a Power Point Project of animals in the rainforest. Fasten your seatbelt if you visit this site of rainforest animals!
2. Wouldn't it be great to adopt your very own rainforest animal? See adorable animations of adoptable rainforest animals with adoption certificates. 
3. Would you like to go on a journey?  This site will allow you to join the Magic School Bus on a wonderful journey of the rainforest. 
4. Discover wonderful information about rainforest animals; for example, where they are found.  Also, test yourself with the wonderful puzzles and quizzes.
5. Don't miss this web page made by a class at Arthur Elementary School in Illinois.  This is a great site to visit the rainforest, enjoy fun activities, and don't forget learn, learn, learn.
6. Now the teachers and students can visit the web together.  This is an excellent website to view pictures of the rainforest.
7. Are you still trying to learn information about the rainforest? Visit this site to gather facts about the rainforest.  You can also see projects, learn of upcoming events, look at maps of rainforests, etc.
8. Are you a kid who loves to search yahoo?  Well you can search yahoo for kids and learn interesting facts about the animals of the rainforest.
9. Guest what kids, now you can join contest and color rainforest pictures online!  You can also here amazing sounds of the rainforest if you visit this site. 
10. Here is another good site for kids' artwork.  This site also answers questions one may have about the rainforest.  Want to be a part in conserving the rainforest, visit this amazing site.

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Explorer of the Year
Scenario Activity
You have been chosen as an explorer of the rainforests.  Your job is to visit the sounds of the rainforest website and listen to the sounds of different rain forest animals. Then, you have to close your eyes while I play one of the sounds made by the animals.  You will have to draw a picture of the animal that you think makes the sound that I play.

Have fun, but do a great job because the explorer that does the best at this activity will win.  His/Her class will be named the "Explorer of the Year".

For more information, see my Topic Lesson Plan.

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