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    Hola, me llamo Kim(Hello, my name is Kim).  I am from Eufaula, AL.  I am a first year junior at  Valdosta State University.  I graduated from Eufaula High School and decided to attend a two year college before attending a university.  I attended Andrew college for two years and graduated in May of 2001 with my Associates of Science degree in Early Childhood Education.

trail of hunny pots and bees

      Other than wanting to be a teacher, I love to travel.  When I was in the fourth grade, I made my first trip to Nassau, Bahamas.  I was in a pageant which took place on ship.  The name of the ship I was on was The Dolphin.  While there, my mom and I took a boat ride to The Blue Lagoon Island.  It was a wonderful trip.  I won a trophy for best academics in my age group.

piglet, pooh, and tiger hike
  piglet, pooh, and tiger hike

   I went to South Dakota for my first time in May of 2001.  I  stayed for three months and worked at a theater called The Black Hills Playhouse.  I made a lot of new friends, and we used our days off to tour.  Some of the places we visited are, Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore, Bear Country, Crystal Cave, Flinstone Village, and Evan's Plunge.  I also got to take pictures of buffalo and big horn sheep.  As a souvenir, I brought back Black Hills Gold.  It is a different type of jewelry.  It is represented by a gold and pink leaf surrounded by twirling vines.  I hope to revisit the playhouse this summer.

pooh game at a meeting

      In closing, I have really enjoyed the places that I visited in the past.  Other places I would like to visit include:  Hawaii, Daytona, Japan, Disney Land, and many more.  Other than traveling, I love to play volleyballvolleyball, collect pooh items, and working with elementary students.  As you can see from visiting my hub page, collecting pooh items is one of my favorite hobbies!.

Adios Amigos! (Bye Friends)

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Project Description
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
This is a picture I created using Microsofts Paint Program.  This book, written by Dr. Suess, makes it easier for students to learn to read.  It also has silly rhymes that make reading fun.
Paint Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan for One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.
Animals of the Rain Forest
This is a Web Page with 10 different internet links about animals that live in the Rain Forest, with a Scenario Activity. 
Lesson Plan for Explorer of the Year
This is a lesson plan for The Explorer of the Year in the Georgia Learning Connections format.
Electronic Reading File
The electronic reading file is a project for my reading class, READ 3200 . It is an ongoing file that identifies children's books of different genres.
Electronic Portfolio
Electronic Portfolio includes lesson plans and projects that I developed in my Early Childhood Program.
Cities Around the World
This is a web page I created that contains information about Paris and Rapid City and a weather chart that compares the two cities weather.
This an online book created by Dr. Dallman, Mandy York, Geraldine Thompson, and Kimberly Walker, about flowers on VSU's campus.
pooh email imagektwalker@valdosta.edu

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