Topic Mini- Research & Literature Activities for the Topic of Exploring the World of Dinosaurs
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was
 developed for Mrs. Holbrook's Kindergarten class at Lanier Elementary School
Designed By Kirby Ingram, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Have you ever wondered the names of all the Dinosaurs that used to roam the Earth?

Check out the name of every single dinosaur that roamed the earth.  Find out the anatomy, behavior and intelligence of every dinosaur!
Find out what is FACT and what is FICTION !  Find out the answers to some curious questions!

 You can check out some common questions about Dinosaurs that lots of people ask.
See which dinosaur lived on your own street!

 You can find out where every Dinosaur lived 250 million years ago.
dino Reseach the dinosaurs that lived 250 million years ago, 205 million years ago, or 65 million years ago!

 Describes which Dinosaurs are the oldest and the youngest

Dinosaurs Real-World Activity

Best Seller

Imagine that you are an archeologist, you dig up old fossils and bones and study them to see what went on 250 million years ago.  Your first assignment is to write a book to sell in Books-A-Million.  This book will be about our favorite dinosaur.  The hardest part is picking your favorite dinosaur.  Looking over different websites will help get you mind thinking about which dinosaur you have interest in and want to learn more about!  After picking your favorite dinosaur, you will write a book about it.  When friends and  family come to Books-A-Million, they will open your book to find:
-the dinosaur's actual name
-his nickname
- what he ate
-where he lived
-how long ago he lived
-an intresting fact
-a picture of the dinosaur

Afterwards, your book on your dinosaur will be complete!!  Now, you can share your information with Books-A-Million, your friends, brothers and sisters, teachers, and parents!

Steps for Dinosaurs Real-World Activity

Step 1:  Check out the Facts about Dinosaurs and the
own street, Dino-Directory page. 
Step 2:  Find your favorite dinosaur and write down it's name in your Dinosaur booklet.
Step 3:  Now, go to
roam the Earth at Enchanted Learning, see "Information Sheets About Dinosaurs". 
Step 4:  In your booklet, write the Dinosaurs nickname, diet, habitat, where it lived and an interesting fact
Step 5: 
Draw the dinosaur you have selected!
Step 6:  Give to teacher to put on Internet.

Dionsaur  Literature Activity

 Dinosaur Literature Activity
 Using Critical Thinking Questions

1What would you do if you came across a dinosaur?
2.   Name some of the reasons how we know dinosaurs existed?

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