"Spotting" a Great Education with Ms. Ingram

Created By: Kirby Ingram


Hello, my name is Kirby Tate Ingram.  I am in my junior year at Valdosta State University.  My major is Early Childhood Education.  I anticipate graduating in December of 2007. 

I was born and raised in Valdosta, Georgia. I am president of Phi Mu, a Greek organization on VSU's campus.  I take pleasure in playing flag football, tennis, softball, and tug-of-war.

Two summers ago, I toured Europe, France, Belgium, and Scotland.  I was able to see a match at Wimbledon, Tiger Woods at the British Open, and Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France.

As a teacher in training, I take advantage of any help and guidance that is offered.  I have found that Teachers Helping Teachers is a great website that offers direction towards writing lesson plans, new, creative ideas in every subject, and  stress reduction tips.  Another useful site is
A New Teacber's Survival Guide.  This site gives you organization, classroom management, and diclipine tips.


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