Exploring Figurative Language


This Figurative Language eBook was designed & developed for
Ms. Yarbrough's 8th Grade Reading Class at CA Gray Jr. High School

Figurative Language is a word or phrase that departs from straightforward, literal language. Figures of speech are often used for emphasis, freshness of expression, or clarity.

One type of figurative language is an idiom (id·i·om), which is a natural manner of speaking
to a native speaker of a language and may not be understood by people of other cultures who may speak other languages. 


A dime a dozen.

This idiom doesn't actually refer to a dime or a dozen at all. 
It refers to anything that is common and easy to get.

Student will analyze and evaluate the effects of sound, form, figurative language, and graphics in order to uncover meaning in literature:
ii. Figurative language (e.g., simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, symbolism, imagery).

PLO (Primary Learning Outcome): 
Student will be able to recognize and create different types of figurative language. 

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