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My name is Katherine Roland. I am a junior at Valdosta State University. I am a major in the Early Childhood and Special Education Department with hopes to one day become a Special Education teacher I have a cousin who has special needs, he is the sweetest person I know. He is my main inspiration for pursuing a degree in Special Education.

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I am twenty-one years old from Jesup, Ga. I grew up in a small, country town where everybody knows each other. Growing up I enjoyed watching my great grandmother cook, so in my spare time I enjoy finding recipes to cook. I enjoy finding cake and dessert recipes on Although I use other people's recipes I never follow the recipe step-by-step, making the final product a little my own.

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Technology in the classroom can be very useful to the teacher and the students. There are many technological resources for teachers to use in the classroom. One of my favorite interactive websites is Funschool. Funschool is set up to be useful for ages Kindergarten through 6th grade and have games for all subjects. Parents, teachers and students would find this website useful. My favorite website to help struggling readers in a way that is fun is, Professor Garfield. This website includes games that can keep students playing for hours, but learning at the same time.

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