Sniffing for Knowledge
Designed by:  Kristin Young

Funny Basset Hound

  Hello! Welcome to "Sniffing for Knowledge."  My name is Kristin Young.  I am twenty-one years old and I am currently a junior at Valdosta State University.  I am majoring in Early Childhood Education in the Early Childhood and Special Education Department Children are God's greatest gift and I can't wait to make an impact on my students.  Last semester I had a great opportunity to work as a paraprofessional in a teacher's classroom.  It was a wonderful experience that taught me a lot about education.  I can't wait to get in the classroom and fulfill my calling as a teacher.   

Basset Hound in grass.

I live with my family in the small town of Adel, Georgia.  We are very close and I love spending time with them.  I have two brothers and one sister-in-law.  We have four dogs:  Bruiser, Bruno, Roxy and Buster.  As you can probably tell my favorite one is a CKC registered bassett hound named Buster.  He is my little man and I love to spoil him.  Buster Brown may look sad but he has it made in the shade at home.  A big part of my life is church.  My dad is the pastor of Cornerstone Christian Church in Sparks, Georgia.  

Bassett hound on couch.

I love to travel and visit new places.  Every summer my family goes to Bradenton, Florida for vacation.  My parents stayed there on their honeymoon and we have been going there ever since.  Bradenton is south of Tampa, Florida in Manatee County.  The beautiful gulf beaches are the perfect place to wind down and relax. 

Pic of the ocean

Today teachers have an excellent tool called the Internet.  There are many helpful websites available for teacher's access.  One website that is perfect for new teachers is called First Year Teachers on the Georgia Performance Standards website.  Another great site for arts and crafts for teachers is the Crayola website. 

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Student Resources

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Topic-Mini Research Website
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Topic-Mini Research Lesson Plan
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E-Book Lesson Website
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E-Book Lesson Plan
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Classroom Website for Student Teaching
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Educational Activities Webstie for Student Teaching

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