A Walk on the Wild Side
This TopicQuest was designed for Haley and Ashlee, my special students.
By Kristan Harrell, a Valdosta University Preservice Teacher

Animals In The Rain - Rainforest Action Network

What is the rainforest?  Is the rain forest hot or cold?  What kind of animals live in the rain forest?  In the rain forest, what is the average rainfall per day?  Let's dig up some answers!  Put on your rain gear, and let's explore the rain forest.

"What is the Rain forest?"  Enchanted Learning is an introduction site to the rain forest.  (Click on picture.)

Take a Tour.  You can tour the rain forest.  This site lets you virtually tour the rain forest at night. Remember to bring your flashlight!  (Click on picture.)

Kid's Corner is a fun site!  This site includes games, picture, interesting facts, and recipes.  Also, this site includes how YOU can help protect the rain forest. (Click on picture.)

Rain Forest Live lets you explore the rain forest.  You can explore this site to find out the creatures that  live in the rain forest.  Also, you can enter to be in a cool contest!  (Click on picture.)

This SITE is great for information.  It has rain forest video clips and a rain forest sound gallery.  (Click on picture.)

The National Geographic Encyclopedia will help with all your questions about the rain forest.  The site includes links to research the rain forest.  (Click on picture.)

Mission Project
You are a famous explorer.  You have explored the desert, ocean, and swamp.  Now, it is time for you to pack your bags.  You are going to the rain forest to do some research on the climate, animals, plants, and native people.   Remember to bring your exploration journal to take notes and sketches.  Your journal will allow you to share your adventures.

Mission Steps
1.  Explore this website, Kid's Corner, to do some research.

2.  We begin our rain forest adventure by packing our bags.  On a piece of paper, list the items that you are going to take with you.  (Remember, the rain forest is a jungle. 
There are no motels.  We have to carry whatever we bring.  Pack light)

3.  In your rain forest journal, record the climate:  temperature and rainfall. 

4.  Record three animals that most interest you.  (Draw a picture with the name of the each animal.) 

5.  Record 1 unusual plant.  (Draw a picture with the plant's name.)

6.  You have met some native friends.  (Draw a portrait of you and your new friend.  Name your friend and include the name of his or her tribe.

7.  Last mission, write in your journal "Why the Rain Forest is Important." 

8.  Give your journal to your teacher.  Your journal will be published on the internet.

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