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My name is Kristan Harrell.  I am a junior at Valdosta State University. I am currently pursing my bachelor degree in the  Early Childhood & Reading Department.

During the week, I mostly dedicate my time to school and work.  On the weekend, I enjoy supporting the local bands in South Georgia.  My two favorite bands are The River and Laney Strickland's Dixie Union.  Both bands play a  wide variety of music with their own unique twists that project each band's character.

I live in a great town in Georgia.  It is a place where "everyone knows your name".  My hometown, Pearson, is a lazy little town, and Countrytime Lemonade commercials summarize Pearson in the essence of slow southern grace.   Even though I have a great appreciation to my town, I have a passion to travel.  In 2001,  I participated in the American Institute for Foreign Study at South Georgia College.  I traveled miles to stay in London, England, for five weeks.  In those five weeks, I went to Amsterdam, Scotland, and France.  The study abroad program is a rewarding experience, and I would recommend the program to any college student.  

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