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Georgia Performance Standards
Instructional Topic Websites
Topic Activities
Software Review


Georgia Performance Standards

S1L1-Students will investigate the characteristics and basic needs of plants and animals.
D.  Compare and describe various animals-appearance, motion, growth, basic needs.



This website is a fun and easy way for students to learn about macaws.  Included in this site are various websites and software programs that will teach the students about these magnificent animals.  Macaws are on the endangered species list so it is important that we protect them. 


Instructional Topic Websites

blueAnimals A-Z  This website has a lot of information about what macaws hunt and eat, where they live, and how long they live.

macawsLife of Birds  All 9,000 species of birds lay eggs, no bird is capable of giving birth to live young.  This and many other interesting facts about birds.

forestZoo Life Learn about Poppy and see how she helps educate students about how her home, the rain forest, is disappearing.

niceRuffled Feathers  Learn about how much care it takes to have a pet bird.  They are not meant to be pets.  Students will see that these animals need to be in their natural habitat.

birdScarlet Macaws  Students will gather information about the Scarlet Macaw and it's habitat, behavior, physical characteristics, and how they communicate.


Topic Activities

Topic: Natural Habitats
Students will identify information from maps.

Website and Materials:

1.  Students will read the web page about Scarlet Macaws, paying close attention to the links you are able to zoom in on.
2.  Students will look at the maps and tell what countries Scarlet Macaws live in.

Product:  Students will be able to use a map to determine the natural habitat of Scarlet Macaws.

Topic:  Animal Organizer
PLO:  Student will be able to make their own graphic organizer on Scarlet Macaws.

Websites and Materials:

1.  Students will read the information on the website and make a graphic organizer. 
2.  Students will use the same 5 headings on the page.
3.  Students will use facts that they learned from the website under the headings.

Product:  Students will produce a completed graphic organizer with accurate facts learned from the website.

Topic:  Paint Your Own Macaw
PLO:  Students will learn about different breeds of macaws and use Microsoft Paint program to paint different colored macaws.

Website and Materials:
Microsoft Paint

1.  Students will look at pictures of different breeds of macaws from website.
2.  They will then open the Paint program and use different colors to paint macaws.
3.  They will name their macaw, print it out and  share it with the class.

Product:  Students learned about different breed of macaws and painted a picture.


Software Review

Microsoft Word

Title of Software:  Microsoft Word
Published by:  Microsoft
Microsoft Word is a good program to have in the classroom.  Students are able to learn typing skills and how important they are.  Typing is something that a student will do throughout his educational career.  Students will be able to type short papers with this program to help them practice.
Problems:  The time it will take a beginning typer to complete papers.  It is a skill that will take some time to master.

Microsoft Paint

Title of Software:  Microsoft Paint
Published by:  Microsoft
Microsoft Paint is a great program for students to use.  They are able to use their imagination and create anything.  There are also many tools available on the program that students could use.
Problem:  This software may be difficult for some students to use.  It requires correct use of the mouse.

Alpha Animals

Title of Software:  Alpha Animals
Published by:  GBG Multimedia
This software is wonderful to teach children about animals in a way that is fun for them.  This program contains fact of over 300 animals.  It is presented in a game format so children will enjoy using it.  It will be helpful in the classroom because the students can choose to learn about the animals they are interested in.
Problems:  This program runs on Windows 95, so you must have a computer in the classroom that runs on this program.

The World of Animals 3D

Title of Software:  The World of Animals 3D
Published by:  Megasystems
This software is great to learn about 1000 animals.  It includes 3D animations, real animal videos, and hundreds of beautiful photographs.  Find out many different facts and have fun learning about all of these animals.
Problem:This software includes 2 CD-Roms, so the students may have trouble navigating through the software. 

JumpStart Animal Adventures

Title of Software:  JumpStart Animal Adventures
Published by:  Knowledge Adventure
The software allows students to  explore different animal habitats and collect information and photograph of many different animals.  Many detailed descriptions are provided for all animals.  Points are collected for each completed task.
Problem:  The game may be difficult to maneuver and it seems there is too much emphasis on collecting points, rather than learning.

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