It's A Jungle Out There
This TopicQuest was deigned for Mrs. Keen's Pre-K class at Hahira Elementary School
By Kristen Smith, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Wild Animals live in the jungle, desert, forrest, and water.  They come in all shapes and sizes and can even be seen in zoos.  Let's begin our animal safari in search of fun facts about zebras, rhinos, giraffes, lions, tigers, bears, snakes, and other unusual animals.

This web site can answer all of your questions about different wild animals and show you pictures of the animals in their natural habitats.  Ever wonder what a baby tiger was called?  Go on an animal safari to find out!
This web site is an animal encylopedia you can use to find out about all types of wild animals.  Learn about a zebra's stripes and an elephant's home.
Ready for a wild adventure?  Check out this web site to play games and learn fun facts about wild animals!
giraffs Visit this site to read stories about wild animals.  You can also color pictures and play fun games while learning about wild animals at Kid's Planent.
Want to see picutres of your favorite wild animal? Visit Ranger Rick's web page for daily trivia questions and stories about wild animals.
Have you ever wanted to create your own wild animal?  Visit Switch Zoo to make new animals to live in your own zoo.
Visit this site to watch a video about tigers.  The World Wildlife Organization helps you learn about their habitat and their daily lives.
Check out amazing animals and their crazy stories.  Visit National Georgraphic for Kids to learn more unusual facts about wild animals.
Learn all about the hippopotamus and how he lives in the water.  Visit this online encylopedia to answer all of your hippo questions.
Take a virtual wildlife tour around the globe to learn about the wild animals of different regions.  Visit Panda.Org to start your adventure!


You are a tour guide on an animal safari and must take tourists to visit the wild animals in their homes.  You have the important job of telling the tourists about what the animals eat, where they live, and how they survive in their habitat.  You will want to name and describe some of the animals you may see along the safari.  Make sure you tell the tourists as many interesting facts as possible!

Mission Steps

1.  Explore the sites on this web page.
2.  Learn as many facts about one animal that you think is the most interesting.
3.  Draw a picture of the animal to share with the tourists.
4.  Tell your teacher one interesting fact about the animal.
5.  Give your picture to your teacher.

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