Author: Ludwig Bemelmans
Page Designed by:  Kristen Smith


    Madeline is a story about a little girl that lives in Paris with eleven other girls in a house covered with vines.  They did everything in two straight lines including brushing their teeth and eating dinner.  Everyday they left the house at half past nine and walked in two straight lines no matter what the weather was like outside. 

    Madeline was the smallest girl and was very courageous.  She wasn't afraid of mice or lions and loved to scare Miss Clavel by walking along the edges of bridges.  One night Miss Clavel woke up and rushed to the girl's bedroom.  Madeline was very sick so she called the doctor.  The doctor took Madeline to the hospital in an ambulance.

    Madeline had to have her appendix taken out and had to stay in the hospital.  The eleven little girls came to visit Madeline and saw all of the flowers and presents that had been sent to her.  That night Miss Clavel woke up again and rushed to the girl's bedroom.  She found the eleven little girls crying because they wanted their appendixes out, too!

Critical Thinking Questions

1.  What could you do for a friend that is sick to help them feel better?
2.  How would you feel if you were Madeline and had to go to the hospital?

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