Classroom Safety

        There are many safety precautions that need to be implemented in every  classroom. Someday I hope to have my own classroom and I have thought of many safety precautions I can take to ensure each child’s safety. School should not only be a learning environment but also a safe environment.

            To ensure that the room is safe, I would make sure the aisles are clear in between the desk and in all walking areas. I would secure any carpet or rug on the floor to prevent anyone from tripping or falling. I would keep the floors dry to prevent slipping and if it was wet weather I would have a mat at the door so each child could wipe off their wet feet so the floors would be dry.

            Another important part of safety is having a plan for any kind of emergency. I would have practice fire drills and have the children use the proper exit in the case of a fire. It is very important to have a fire extinguisher near each classroom and available to the teachers. We would also have tornado and earthquake drills. The children would learn the proper position if there was a tornado, which is head between your legs and your hands covering your head. The children would practice this procedure in the hallways away from the windows and all glass. Having the child know what to do and practicing it regularly is an important safety precaution.

            It is also important to have first aid kits in the classroom so the teacher can treat a child if he or she was hurt. The teacher should have a current CPR/First Aid card and training. In the instance that a child was hurt, the teacher should have each child’s emergency contact list available. All the scissors and other objects should be have dull blades and/or be made of plastic. The teacher’s cleaning products should be out of the children’s reach. All chairs and desk should be kept on the floor at all times and children should be discouraged from leaning back in chair to prevent falling, and they should also be discouraged from running inside the school and classroom.

            Every rule I listed should be considered and implemented in every classroom. Each child’s safety should be the number one priority of the school and the teachers. Children have the right to be educated and to be safe.