What Spring Is All About
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
was developed for Mrs. Robinson's First Grade Class at Clyattville Elementary School
Designed By:  Kelsey Case, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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Flower Power
In the springtime flowers start to bloom.  Why are there petals on flowers?
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Honey Bee Fun
Honey Bees have a very important job of collecting pollen from flowers.  Bees are known for being very busy and do this by making honey.  What are the different jobs of a honey bee?

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Butterfly and Moth Life Cycle
Butterflies and Moth's have a very interesting life cycle.  What are the four different stages that they go through in their lifetime?
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A Froggy Life
Even though frogs hop around and are hard to catch, they don't start out that way.  What is a frog called before it has its four legs?

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity
You are playing outside with some of your friends one day after school.  As you run around the side of the house, you see a pretty purple butterfly flying above a group of flowers.  You yell for your friends to come see what you have found.  Your friends are excited about your new finding but they want to know where the butterfly came from.  It is your job to find out how the butterfly got to be so pretty.  Did it start out like that?  Everyone is looking to you to find the answers.  Once you know how it become what it is, use your imagination to think about where it will go next.
Steps to Complete Real World Activity
1.  Visit the Butterfly and Moth Life Cycle website. 
2.  Once you have reviewed the steps, you will be given a sheet of construction paper that you will fold once in a hotdog fold, and then fold again in a hamburger fold.  Make sure that you have pushed real hard on all of the edges of each fold.
3.  Once you have made your fold, open up the paper to see the four squares you have made.
4.  Number each square started with 1 and ending with 4.  In each square you are to draw the stage that comes first, second, third and fourth for the butterfly.  You can use crayons, markers or a pencil to do this. 
5.  Once you have drawn the pictures for each stage, go back through and label the names of each stage.  Now you know where your butterfly came from, if only you knew where it was going next!!!
6.  Turn in your drawings to the teacher when you are finished.

Topic Literature Activity
Too Many Frogs
By:  Sandy Asher
Illustrated By:  Keith Graves

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Topic Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions
A.  Frog Life Cycle
life cycle of frogs
B.  Understanding
1.  Who comes to visit Rabbit?
2.  What did Froggie want to do before reading the book the second time he came to visit?
3.  Who did Froggie bring with him to listen to Rabbit read?
4.  Did Rabbit like reading by himself at the end of the book?
C.  Critical Thinking
1.  If you had pet frogs, how many frogs is too many to have and why would you pick that number?
2.  If you had company that kept coming over and you decided you don't want them to come back, how would you tell them not to come back?

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Flip Flopping Into Education
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Topic Mini-Research Lesson Plan
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Topic Literature Lesson Plan