Blowing With The Wind
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Minson's Kindergarten Class at W.G. Nunn Elementary School
by Kedisha Stevens, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher



Have you ever tried to fly a kite and wondered why it would not fly? Do hurricanes and torandoes scare you? Have you ever wondered about the wind and how it works. Today we are going to find out all about some of these things.

Have you ever wondered what causes the wind blow so hard? Strong winds can destroy homes.
Torandoes can be very dangerous . Do you know what causes a torando?
To fly a kite the  weather must be windy.The more wind there is the higher the kite will go.
Hurricane have winds very strong winds. Would you like to go inside one?
 Would you like to learn how a thunderstorm is formed? This will help us to me be safe in a thunderstorm.
Did you know that there are people who chase storms that are called storm chasers? They go to far away places to take picture of big storms.

Mission Activity

Today we are going to imagine that we are storm chasers on a mission to take pictures of a torando that is on the Atlantic Coast. We have hours to drive and must remember to remain safe. We must use these helpful wedsites to prepare us for this exciting mission.
Mission Steps
1. First we must go to the storm chaser website so we can         learn what storm chasers do during a torando and how         they keep safe.
2. Once up close to the torando we will draw a picture of the     storm.
3. After the picture is drawn we will write a sentence at the        bottom describing our picture.
4. We will post them around so people will know what a
    torando looks like and the damage that they cause.

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