Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale
Marcus Pfisher
Picture and Page Designed By Kedisha Stevens

rainbow fish

The book Rainbow  Fish and the Big Blue Whale is a about a school of fish that  have a glittering silver scale and like to swan all day through the reef and eat delicious shrimp. They live a wonderful life eating all the shrimp they want.

Until one day A big blue whale swan by the reef and decided to stay. He enjoyed watching the glittering fish andhe also liked eating the plentiful shrimp.

After a while one of the fish grew very suspicious of the big blue whale. He wondered why he was always looking at them and they were worried that the big whale would eat all the little shrimps from them. The whale heard them and his feelings were hurt. To get back at the fish he scared and chased them into their cave.

Why do you think the big blue whale wanted to stay around Rainbow Fish and his friends?

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