How Plants Grow
This topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed
 for Mrs. Sumner's First Grade Class at Cook Primary School.
Designed By Kay Register, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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watering flowers
People  need certain things to live and grow. 
They must have food, shelter  and clothes. Can you guess
what plants need to grow?

potted sunflower
Your teacher gave you a pack of flower seeds to plant at the
 beginning of Spring.  You can't wait to plant them, but don't
know what you should do to make sure your flowers grow.  How
do you take care of a plant?  After reading the information at this
 website, try your hand at the quiz and the activity to see if you can
 learn to grow a healthy plant.

red day lilly
There are many different kinds of plants.  They come in all shapes
 and colors.  Some plants have flowers and some don't.  What is your
 favorite color and type of plant?

Plants, plants, plants!  What is so special about plants?  They are pretty
to look at and some smell good, but what is so important about plants?
Click here to find out some of the important uses of plants.  Can you think
of any other uses of plants?

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity

Pretend you are going to tutor your learning buddy from Kindergarten who will come to first grade next year.  You will have to explain to your buddy what a plant needs to grow.  To help him understand the needs of a plant you will make a model showing what those needs are.  Your model should show a picture of a plant and the 4 things it needs to grow.  Then you need to label the 4 elements in your picture so your buddy will have a good example to study and learn from. 
Steps to  Complete Real World Activity
1. Take a piece of drawing paper and draw a picture of a plant.
2. Draw the 4 things that a plant needs to grow on your             
3. Label the 4 things that a plant needs to grow.
4. Color your picture.

watering flowers
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