Blooming Through Education
Designed by Kay Register

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Welcome to a garden of knowledge.  My name is Kay Register and I am from Adel, Georgia.  I am a junior at Valdosta State University majoring in Early Childhood Education.  My expected graduation date is May of 2009.  Because of my love of reading and the important part it plays in all subject areas, I plan to have a literature rich environment for my students.

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I am married to a wonderful man who supports my continuing education.  We have three great children and four super grandchildren.  I love to spend time with my family, reading, embroidering, and working in the yard.  Since starting school, it has been  hard to find the time to work in my flower garden.  I have a large bed of amaryllis that came from my mother.  As each of my children "feather their  nest" I divide the bulbs in the fall so that they may have a special connection with the grandmother they never knew.  One of my favorite vacation spots is St. Augustine, FL.  We have visited the Old City each year since our marriage.  We love to stay at the Beacher's Lodge on Anastasia Island.  After a day of relaxing on Crescent Beach or lounging by the pool, we head into the Historic District late in the evening.  We enjoy walking and seeing the many sites and dining at one of the many different restaurants.  We never tire of this great place and always see something new each time we visit.

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As a new teacher I know it will be hard to accomplish all that is required. There are many websites available that give new and veteran teachers ideas to use in the classroom.  Two of the websites that I have found helpful are Enchanted Learning and Starfall.  These offer instruction in reading and other subject areas.  They have free worksheets, games and charts in all areas of learning.

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Student Resources
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Ways I Can Integrate Technology

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LiveText Portfolio
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Topic Mini-Research Web Page
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Topic Mini-Research Lesson Plan

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E-Book Web Page
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E Book Lesson Plan

Classroom Websites for Student Teaching
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Educational Activities Website for Student Teaching

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