Welcome to the Adventurous Numeric World of Numbers
This Topic Quest was designed for Mrs. Nunn's Kindergarten Class at S. L. Mason Elementary School By Kana Luckett, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

counting girl

Do you like Math?  Do you know how to count?  Well, after you adventure these different websites you will.  Numbers will help you with almost everything you do.  I hope this website helps you learn more about numbers.  Let's start this adventure!

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2+2=4 Here, you can take tests to see how well you can count.  You can also add, and you can tell what comes next in the patterns.
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Come play number games with Elmo, Big Bird, and the whole Sesame Street gang.  You can learn about all kinds of numbers, shapes, and sorting.
Count the number of fish swimming in the ocean.  Then click on the shell that contains the correct number.
Count how many different animals you see on each page.  When you get done, try again.
Come here to learn about numbers and their history.  You can learn about the many different types of numbers that there are.
Help Mr. Owl count how many dots are on each ladybug.  Then help him add and subtract the number of dots you see.
This is a counting story about eleven pink bunnies.  You can go through the story and count the bunnies as you read about them.
With just a click of the mouse, you can count all sorts of objects on your own.  There are flowers, bananas, and even pumpkins for you to count.
coloring girl
You can do all sorts of activities here.  You can count how many objects you see.  You can tell which group has more, what comes next, and even add numbers!
You can make your own calendars here.  Just print out the different months, color them any way you like, and write the numbers in the right squares.  Now you have your very own calendar.

Imagine you are a reporter for your school newspaper.  Mrs. Moore is your boss, and she has given you a new assignment.  She wants you to make a calender for the month you were born and then put your birthday on it.
Your calendar will be published in the next edition of "The Clyattville Elementary News."  You have got to make your calendar look great!!  Go to this calender building website to get your layout.  Now create your own original masterpiece! 

Mission Steps
1.  Go to the Primary Games website, and go to the New Year's Crafts. 
Print out a calendar for the month of the student's birthday.
3.  Add the numbers of the dates for that month either in 2003 or in 2004.
4.  Color your calendar page any way that you want.
Make a cover page for your birthday calendar with a picture about numbers on it.
6.  Put your birthday in the correct place on the calendar.
Attach your cover page and your month page together to get your birthday calendar.
8.  Turn in your calendar to your teacher for inspection.
Lesson Plan for teachers

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TopicQuest Lesson Plan