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      Hello, and welcome to my home page.  My name is Kana Luckett, and I am a junior at Valdosta State University.  I am currently seeking a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education.  I transferred to VSU from Georgia Military College.  I plan to complete my studies from VSU in December of 2005.  My goal is to one day teach a first grade class within a public school system.  I love kids because they are our future.

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    I am from Valdosta, Georgia which is the home of the Valdosta wildcats.  I graduated from Valdosta High School where I participated in various extra-curricular activities PAMS Club, FBLA, Drug Awareness Group, Miss 2000-2001 Homecoming Queen, Track,  and Cheerleading.  Even though I participated in many activities, cheering was the extra-curricular activity that I loved the most.  I was member of the basketball cheerleading squad for two years; I was a member of  football cheerleading squad for two years.  I also was a member of the competition cheerleading squad for three years.  During my senior year as a cheerleader, I was chosen as an Universal Cheer Association all-star which allowed me to go the Varsity Spirit New Year's Day Parade in London, England.  However, I wasn't able to go due to sickness.      Cheering was a very challenging sport but it was sport I was very good at.  I plan to become a cheerleading coach one day, so I can relive my cheerleading days.

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    I also enjoy dancing.  I am currently a member for the Red Hots' Dance Team at Valdosta State University.  I have been a member of the team for two years.  Being a member of the dance team has given me a chance to continue my extra-curricular activities in college, meet new people, and give a great show for the fans during halftime.  I have enjoyed my  life experiences as a cheeleader and a dancer.  These two activities has kept me active in high school and college.

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      My mother also lives in Valdosta, Georgia, my father lives in Panama City, Florida, and my sister lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  When I was younger, my father would always take to Flint, Michigan during the summer.  My father's family lives in Michigan.  Even though it takes sixteen to eighteen hours to drive to Michigan, it's my favorite place to go.  Sometimes when my father couldn't go, he would send me on an airplane.  I love to go visit my family in Michigan because I don't get to see them often.

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