Fall into Autumn

This Topic Mini-Research Web Page
was developed for Ms. Kinsey's Pre-Kindergarten Class
at Clyattville Elementary School
Designed By Kristi Kile,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

picture with pond leaves and trees during fall

Have you ever wondered how a pumpkin grows?  Read this story and learn about a pumpkin's life.
pumpkin seeds Do you know the stages of a pumpkin's life? Listen to these video clips to hear the stages of a pumpkin's life.
tree with colorful leaves
Do you know what happens to the trees during Fall?  Watch the video to learn about trees to find out what happens to the trees in Autumn.
lots of colorful leaves
Do you know why the leaves are different colors in Fall? After exploring this page take the quiz to see if you can tell us why the leaves change colors. 

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity

Imagine that you are a farmer.  Think about something a farmer might grow in the autumn season. Now you want to grow a pumpkin patch because you know that this is something a farmer might grow during this season.  Use the video clips and the story on pumpkins to help you remember how a pumpkin's life begins. You need to make your self a guide to how pumpkins begin their life, so you are going to draw a picture of each stage of its life.  You want your pictures to be good because they will be displayed for others to see. After you draw your pictures you will explain these pictures to your teacher.

Steps to Complete the Real World Activity

  1. Revisit the pumpkin  video clips and the pumpkin story to refresh your memory on how a pumpkin becomes a pumpkin.
  2. Now fold your paper into six sections
  3. In each section draw a stage of the pumpkins life.
  4. Color your stages of a pumpkins life.
  5. Then explain to your teacher each of these stages, so you have a guide so you can plant your own pumpkin patch.

Now you have your own guide to help you plant your very own pumpkin patch!



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