Swim in the Sea of Education
Designed by Kristi Kile

tropical fish swimming

Hello! I am Kristi Kile and I want you to come and swim in the sea of education with me!  I am currently a junior at Valdosta State University. I have just begun my first professional semester as an Early Childhood Education major, which is in the Department of Early Childhood and Special Education.  After graduating I plan to continue my studies by furthering my degree with a master's in educational leadership.

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I am from a small town outside of Atlanta, Georgia called Covington.  I loved growing up there.  I moved to Valdosta about four years ago when I started college.  I love the Valdosta area; it feels like home away from home!  Although I love it here, I do miss my family and friends back home.  I have been blessed with the most amazing family and friends anyone could ever ask for!

                              seaturtule swimming underwater

In my free time I enjoy being outdoors.  The beach is the most relaxing place for me to visit.  I love having my toes in the sand and hearing the waves crashing against the shoreline.  For the past couple of years, I have also enjoyed spending some of my free time volunteering for those who need help.  Recently I have participated in Habitat for Humanity and Relay for Life and loved every minute of it.  Volunteering is truly an amazing gift that we can to give others!


two dolphins swimming underwater

I am so excited about becoming a teacher.  I enjoy seeing children's faces when they have learned or accomplished something new.  When I see the smiles from their faces, I can't help but to feel joy!  I know as a new teacher I am going to need many resources to guide me in becoming the successful teacher I want to be.  I have found that the Discovery Student and the Teachers Corner websites are exceptional resources for old and new teachers!

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