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My name is Komlantse GOSSOU. I am a French teacher at Banneker High School in College Park, GA.  Our school is part of the great  Fullton County Schools . It is located south of Hartfield Jackson International Airport. The school colors are Red and grey. We are the Trojan and we are the most powerful football team in South Fulton.

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I am originally from TOGO, a small country in West Africa. I graduated from the University of Lome in 2002 with a master's in health psychology. Togolese are great people who are committed to work well done. Unfortunately the country is being rule for more than 40 years by a rude military dictatorship. Togo was a German colony before World War I. After the defeat of Germany, it then became a French colony. This made of French the official language of TOGO. I moved into the US in October 2003 to start a new challenging american experience.

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I teach French I, II (regular and honor), and III (regular and honor). My students enjoy learning a new language to prepare for the challenge of the globalization. I teach not only grammar and vocabulary but also the culture of the French speaking countries. By doing that, my students have become even more interested in making a real immersion into the French speaking world. We teach French in order to help our students become as creativeas Leoplod Sedar Senghor (picture below).


Congratulations to our 2008 graduates.

Discover the Louvre Atlanta

Alliance Francaise Atlanta summer camp for high school students       

Important dates: December 18. 2008. Field trip to Paris.

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Website For Future Class Projects