Fast and Slow
This Topic Mini-Research Page was developed for
Mrs. Downing's Pre-K Class at J.L. Lomax Elementary School
Designed by: Kristina Coutts, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


What word do musicians use to describe the speed of their music?  Visit SFSKids to learn more about the speed of music.
Can the tempo of a song help tell a story?  Watch a boat sail through the seas while listening to Dvorak's Symphony No. 9.
How fast can the Cheetah run? Visit the National Geographic for Kids website to learn more about the fastest animal, the Cheetah.
What is the slowest animal?  Go to The Wilderness Classroom to learn about the slowest animal.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity:
Zoologist to the Rescue!

    Imagine that you are the world's top zoologist (person who studies animals). 

    The Atlanta Zoo has contacted you and needs your help!  The zoo is trying to create a new exhibit highlighting the difference between fast and slow animals.  Unfortunately, the Atlanta Zoo is having trouble finding the right animals for the exhibit.  The zookeepers have asked you to recommend animals for their exhibit.

   You decide to research Cheetahs, Sloths, Marlins, and Manatees
,  and submit your report to the Atlanta Zoo with the following information:
    a. the name of animal,
    b. a picture of animal, and
    c. the exhibit (fast or slow) in which the animal should be placed.

To complete
Zoologist to the Rescue!
follow these steps:

  1. Divide a piece of paper in half.  Label one half of the paper "fast" and the other half "slow."
  2. Review the following animals:
    1. Cheetahs;
    2. Sloths;
    3. Marlins; and
    4. Manatees.
  3. Draw, color, and label two pictures of fast animals under the "fast" half of the page.
  4. Draw, color, and label two pictures of slow animals under the "slow" half of the page.
  5. Submit your final recommendations of fast animals and slow animals to the zookeepers.

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