The Adventure Begins

Designed by Kristina Coutts


    Welcome!  I am excited that you are joining this adventure with me.  Before we start, let me tell you a little about myself.  My name is Kristina Coutts and I am currently attending Valdosta State University with a major in Early Childhood Education.  There are many websites that are teacher-related.  Georgia's Department of Education has a Resource Center with suggested lesson plans and activities for teachers.  Another useful website, Teachers Net provides a place for teachers to chat with each other, share lesson plans, and learn about job openings.

snowboarding      Every picture on this webpage depicts one of many adventures I have experienced...seriously!  For example, the first time I tried snowboarding, a friend and I went to Bridger Bowl Ski Area in Bozeman, Montana.  We both knew how to ski, but didn't know how to snowboard.  We spent most of the morning falling down, but by the afternoon we were able to make it down the slopes without a single fall!  In Bozeman, I was also introduced to the wonderful world of rock and ice climbing.   Rock climbing uses ropes, carabiners and cams to scale a rock face or cliff.  Ice climbing utilizes crampons and ice picks to climb a frozen waterfall or glacier.  A huge, almost indescribable, feeling of accomplishment occurs after a successful climb and leaves one wanting more.

rockclimbing   Bozeman is a wonderful place if you are looking for an outdoor adventure.   Bozeman is located in the Rocky Mountains, about an hour north of Yellowstone National Park.  Due to its location, Bozeman's winter produces powder-like snowfall.  The run-off from the snow produces rivers with rapids that are perfect for rafting.  The summers are mild with very long periods of sunlight.  The climate almost guarantees that one can find an outdoor adventure at any time throughout the year!

    I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and maybe you saw an activity that you would like to try.  You and your parents may want to look at KidsCamp, Inc. which provides a list of camps across the United State
s based on different hobbies, interests, and activities.  Be adventurous!

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