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    Welcome to my Georgia Tech world! My name is Kimberly Troupe and I am twenty-two years old and currently attending Valdosta State University where I am a junior. I am a SEEC major which means both Special Education and Early Childhood Education. I had a hard time deciding on a major because I was so scared I was going to chose a career and have to wake up every morning unhappy and dreading my job. I actually have an associates degree from Abraham Baldwin Agriculuture College in Nutritional Science because I was so close to finishing that degree when I had finally made a certain decision on my major, so I just completed that major before changing again.

    After graduating, I transfered to Valdosta State University and I went through with changing my major to education because I feel that I have always had a passion to teach! Even when I was a little girl, I played "school" every chance I got and made my poor little brother suffer as my only student. But, besides that I truly enjoy the company of young children because I feel like the future is in there hands and that will help me be a part of the future.

    I have lived in the country close to the Alapaha River in Nashville, Georgia my whole life. I have pretty much been raised a country girl, and I would not have had it any other way. I have a wonderful family that I am very grateful for! My mama is one of my best friends, my dad considers me to be his number one, and my brother always comes to me for encouragement and support. Recently, we lost one of the members of our family, our chihuahua Roxie. She was eight years old and is truly missed in our household!


    Another person that is a huge part of my life that I consider part of my family is the guy I have been dating for the past three years. The past three years of my life with him have been absolutely amazing! I am looking forward to our future together. He is a Georgia Tech fan, and that is one of the reasons I have become a Georgia Tech fan! We have been to several Georgia Tech games together and we recently went to the this years Chick-Fi-La Bowl in Atlanta Georgia.


     I am addicted to coffee, and Starbucks is my favorite coffee! So, in my spare time, I love going to Starbucks or brewing their coffee at home. Sometimes, I feel as if coffee is the only thing that gets me through my busy days of school and school work! I have one main hobby that I truly enjoy and wished that I had more time for and that is scrapbooking. I have two scrapbooks, one that is completely finished and from my highschool years and the other one I started a few years ago and it is not near being finished! Even though, I do not have much time to work on my scrapbook, I still love shopping and buying supplies for it. My two favorite stores to shop for my scrapbook supplies are Hobby Lobby and Michael's. I seriously could stay in those store hours upon hours and it still would not be long enough for me!

    As a future teacher, I have discovered a couple of websites that are very helpful and I would suggest them to other teachers. One is the Georgia Performance Standards website because it contains all the content standards that teachers have to use as the base of their lesson plans. I find myself going to that website a lot! Another website that I would suggest is the Time For Kids website. It is an excellent website that contains mini lessons, activities, games and much more to assist in teaching all of the subjects. I find it most helpful in teaching subjects like social studies and science because the website really makes those subject look appealing and would probably spark the student's interest when it comes to those subjects! Also, I really like that the Time for Kids has a website for both students and teachers!

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