Do You Have Any Sense?

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs.Ham's Pre-K Class
at Moulton Branch Elementary School
By Kelly Summers,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Do you ever think about how it is that you are able to taste the yummy birthday cake at your birthday party or how you are able to smell the smoke from the candles that you blow out on your birthday cake?  Do you ever think about what it is that allows you to hear everybody singing the birthday song to you or to see and feel all of the birthday presents you received?  We experience all of these great things by something called the Five Senses.  The Five Senses are touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing.  This page is designed to allow you to explore and learn about all five of our senses.


1.  Have you ever wonderered what our five senses are used for? This site will show you how they are used everday!

2.  Being able to see is such an amazing gift!  Check out this website to play the I Spy game and use your sight to win!


3.  Delicious, tasty, scrumptious, and yummy are all words that describe something good to eat. This site lets us explore how we taste things.


4.  Being able to hear a bird chirp or a dog bark is so neat!  Go to this site to watch how sounds enter our ears.

5.  I love the smell of clean laundry and fresh cut grass.  What are your favorite smells?  Check out this cool site that shows you how we are able to smell our favorite things!

6.  I love to feel the soft fur on my kitty cat and the warmth of a blanket wrapped around me!  Go to this site and see what the encyclopedia has to say about the definition of touch.

Mission Activity
    Congratulations!  You have just won an award for being a top-notch professional cake baker at the world-famous Pre-K Bakery.  Everyone in town wants to know what it takes to become a great baker like yourself.  You know that the one of the reasons why you are such a great cake baker is because you use all five of your senses to create a spectacular cake.  Your mission is to show the town your secrets to baking a delicious 7-layer double chocolate chunk birthday cake by drawing a picture to be put in the local newspaper that shows which of your body parts and senses that you use.

Mission Steps

1.  First, go back to the very first website you looked at and review what each of your five senses is used for and where you use each of them on your body.
2.  Next, with the paper that is given to you draw yourself as a baker.  Make sure that the drawing of your body has 5 very important body parts (eyes, ears, mouth, hands, and a nose).
3.  Next, color the picture however you want.  Remember that you are putting this picture in the local newspaper so make sure that it looks pretty.


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