Community Helpers:
Keeping Us Safe

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Lott's Kindergarten class at North Brooks Elementary School
by Kristina Hensley, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

dentist                  trash man

The smooth operation of our community depends on people that we call community helpers.  These people help make the community a better place and ensure that everything runs like it should.  Have you ever been to the doctor when you were sick?  Does the mailman bring you letters everyday?  These are just a few example of community helpers.  Here are a few links with imformation about all the occupations of community helpers.

This website has songs and rhymes that help young children understand what each specific community helper does.
doctor This website discusses community helpers and has methods for assesment at the end.  It is great for children to use themselves.
This site lists community helpers alphabetically and has crafts and activities for each.  There are many lesson plans listed as well.  This is similar to a community helper encyclopedia.
After discussing the importance of community helpers, this site breaks each occupation down and includes activies.  It also lists activities and crafts to go with each where appropriate.
This website explains the importance of community helpers and has an online and offline resource for each community helper occupation. 
This website has tons of songs with well-known tunes that teach children about community helpers.  It is especially good for preschool and kindergarten.

Mission Activity
Imagine that you are going to be teacher for a day.  You will choose one occupation of a community helper to research.  After learning more about that job, you will give three main details that help decribe that job and the life of someone who works it.  Then, you will draw a picture of that community helper doing their job.

Mission Steps
1.  Use this website to look up your chosen community helper's occupation.  Learn as much as you can about that helper and their life.
2.  Give three details that help describe that community helper.
3.  Draw a picture of your community helper doing their job.
4.  Share your work with the rest of the class, like you are the teacher.

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