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    corn This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Bennett's Kindergarten Class at Lanier County Elementary School by Kelly Brooks, Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


TopicQuest Introduction
      Are you ready to learn about Thanksgiving?  Come journey with me and we will find some interesting facts about Thanksgiving.  I have found great sites for us to explore.  I hope you are as excited as I am to learn about Pilgrims, Indians, and why we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Let's put on our Indian feathers and Pilgrim hats and go see what we can find out about Thanksgiving!

Hope you enjoy these sites.  Have fun!
table 1. The History of Thanksgiving

Who were the Pilgrims?  What events led to the first Thanksgiving?  At this site, you will learn all about the history of Thanksgiving.
2. Squanto

This website has information on Squanto,
an Indian who befriended the Pilgrims.
It also has a link to a reenactment of the
first Thanksgiving.  Let's go together and
meet Squanto!

3. Pilgrim Clothing

Have you ever wondered what the Pilgrims and Indians  wore for clothing?  Come check out this website with me and we will find out. 
4. A Meal Without Forks

Can you imagine what the Pilgrims and Indians ate for Thanksgiving dinner?  This site has interesting facts on their meal.  It also has information on their table manners.  Let's go eat!
5. Turkey Tales

Let's get imaginative and write a story about Thanksgiving.  Come explore this site and you will have fun creating your own story.  To personalize your story, all you have to do is fill in the blanks.   You can also read Thanksgiving stories, poems, and legends.
6. What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is about sharing and giving to others.  The Pilgrims taught us how to share, by inviting the Indians to Thanksgiving dinner.  This site will teach you about being thankful.
7. An American Thanksgiving

Do you want to play some fun Thanksgiving games?  This site has educational facts about Thanksgiving and cool games to play.  Hope you have fun!
8. Thanksgiving

This is an online encyclopedia website.  You can learn interesting facts about Thanksgiving.  There are also games and other cool stuff.  Come join the fun!

9. Rainbow Magic Thanksgiving

This is a great site to visit if you are looking for fun.  There are many activities, a library, story challenge, book shop, and other sites to link.  Let's go make some rainbow magic!
10. Billy Bear's Playground

This site is an online playground.  There are games, puzzles, crafts, and paper fun.  Visit this site and you are sure to have a great time.


Scenario Mission
cornYour Thanksgiving Dinnercorn
Imagine yourself as a Pilgrim or Indian. You, along with all your friends, will enjoy a feast called "The First Thanksgiving." You have worked hard all year long planting and harvesting your crops for the upcoming feast.  This will be a special time for your family and friends to come together.
After you enjoy the feast that you have prepared for everyone, you will draw a picture of your meal to show your friends who could not attend, what you ate at the feast.  Visit this website yry  and it will help you describe what you served at your Thanksgiving feast.  Now draw pictures of the different kinds of food that were served at the "First Thanksgiving Dinner."

Mission Steps
cornLet's put on our hats & eat!corn
               1.  First, we are going to make a Pilgrim or Indian hat to wear during our feast.
2.  Then, we are going to explore this website fgjjjjjcj about the food that was served on "The First Thanksgiving" together to give you ideas on what to draw.
3.  After you have a few ideas about what was served, I want you to draw a picture on this paper plate, and describe it so everyone can see what you ate.
4.  Take your time and make your plate pretty, because when you are finished you will share it with your classmates.
5.  Give your plate to your teacher so we can photograph and publish it on the Internet.



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