Fun in the Fall
This  Topic Mini-Research Web Page  was developed for
Ms. Julie Faison's Kindergarten Class at Odom Elementary School
Designed by Katina L Barry, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

  Fall Tree

lots of leaves
What are colors of the leaves during the Fall Season? Take a look at some fall leaf pictures to discover the many colors of Fall.
Three leaves
How do leaves change their colors? Explore this website to learn how leaves change colors.
How do apples grow? Knowing how apples grow is very important.
red apple
How many different kinds of apples do you think there are? Anthony Apple helps us discover the many different facts about apples.

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity
                                                                               pumpkin with lots of leaves                                                        

Ok, you have just learned all about leaves. You learned how leaves change their color during the fall.Now I want you to imagine that you are taking a hike in Fort Mountain State Park and you are looking at the different types and color of leaves. As you begin your hike through the state park decide which leaves are your favorite. Now that your hike is over and you have returned to class you will create your own tree with the different colors of leaves you saw on your hike. Follow the steps below to make your own Fall Tree.

Steps to Complete Real World Activity

1. Using the links about leaf colors and why leaves change, explore the different types of fall colors and leaves.
2. Now using the materials provided, you will create your own Fall Tree with your favorite leaves (background (blue for boys and white for girls) page with trunk, red leaves, yellow leaves,orange leaves, green leaves, and glue).
3. When you answer the following questions you will find out how many of each colored leaf you will need to create your fall tree with.
    A. How many people are in your family? (one orange leaf for each
        family member)
    B. How old are you? (one yellow leaf for each year of age)
    C. How many books are on your book log? (one red leaf for each
    D. How many pets do you have? (one green leaf for each pet)
4. Now you will glue your leaves on your tree trunk to create your own fall tree.
5. When you have finished your Fall Tree take it to the teacher and tell her two of the colors that the leaves change to during the Fall Season.

Happy Fall
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