Diving Deep Under the Sea
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Weeks' Pre-Kindergarten Class
at Moulton-Branch Elementary School by Katherine Backes

diver and shark

welcome bubbles

Have you ever been to the beach, looked out into the big ocean and wondered what animals lived out there? Have you ever been in a boat and wondered what creatures swam below you? Well if you have, here is your chance to find out! Put on your flippers and snorkel and dive in deep with me to learn about the creatures under the sea!

Snorkel Kid

ocean scene

Encyclopedia from Encarta

Would you like to know all about the ocean? This site has an encyclopedia article that tells all about the ocean structure, compostition of seawater, temperature, and pollution.

rotating earth

Encyclopedia from Encarta
Have you ever wondered where oceans were located? You can turn this globe to see all the oceans on earth.

Marine Biologist
KId's World
Do you love the ocean? Did you know that some people love the ocean so much that they study the ocean for a career? These people are called Marine Biologists. This site will tell you all you need to know about a job as a Marine Biologist.

sea turtles
Animals of the Sea

Did you know that dolphins and whales breathe air just like humans? How about that Sea Turtles can live to be over a hundred years old? This site will tell you about these three animals and so many more!


Whale Times
Now that you know that whales breathe just like humans, are you wondering how they hold their breath for so long? How about how long they can hold it? Check out this site to find out!

Zoom Sharks

Are you afraid of sharks? Did you know that most sharks are not dangerous? Swim into this site if you dare and learn all about these amazing creatures!

coral reefs

Coral Reefs

Do you think that coral looks like a plant? Did you know that it is actually made up of tiny animals? To find out more, dive into this site!

Monsters of the Deep
Did you know that octopuses have eight arms? How about that they can squirt out a black ink to hide from danger? Check out this site to learn all this and so much more about octopuses.


Dolphin Net
Have you ever seen a real dolphin in the ocean? If not, here is your chance! This site is full of really cool videos that you can watch of dolphins swimming.

Ask Shamu
Sea World

Have you ever wondered how big whales are? How about what a dolphin likes to do for fun? If you have, today is your lucky day! Email Shamu's friends at Sea World to learn the answers to all of your marine-life questions!

sea animals border

You are a Marine Biologist. You love to explore under the sea and discover lots of ocean animals. You have been doing so well studying all of the under water creatures that you have been asked by Ocean Kids Magazine to write an article about an ocean animal. They would like for you to draw your favorite ocean animal that you have seen while snorkling at the Animals of the Sea website and tell two special things about this animal. Are you up for the challenge? If so, dive in!

Mission Steps:
1. To start this mission, you must remember what a marine biologist does. If you have forgotten, click on the Kid's World site first to remember.

2. Now that you're ready, swim into the Animals of the Sea
website and decide which animal you would like to write your article on.

3. Once you have decided on your ocean animal, draw the animal on the paper provided to you by your teacher.

4. Next you need to write the article. Tell Miss Backes which ocean animal you chose and two interesting facts that you know about that animal for her to write below your drawing.

5. Last, give your article to Miss Backes so she can place it in Ocean Kids Magazine for everyone to see.

Great job today! I hope you had fun diving deep under the sea!

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