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This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was
 developed for Mrs.Harris's third grade class at Clyatteville Elementary School
Designed By Katie Keene, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

pollution picture

air pollution
What is air pollution?  Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor air pollution?  How can we prevent these damaging pollutants?
ozone layer
Air pollution is one of the causes for thinning the protective ozone layer in earth's atmosphere.  How does this affect our health?
water pollution
What is water pollution?  What are the three major sources of water pollution?
Recycling is an important piece to preserving earth's resources.  How can we get involved in recycling and why is this important?

 Real World Activity
How Can we Keep our school clean?

    The scenario: "Pretend you are all members of the student council and during our student council meeteing today we will be addressing a littering issue at our school.  Students and employees have been having a hard time remembering to recycle and pick up after themselves around the campus.  As members of the student council it is our job to make up some "Stop Littering" signs and "Remember to Recycle" posters to put up around the school.  With a partner you will create a poster that reminds everyone to stop littering and shows them a way that they can recyle their materials instead."  You will include steps and an illustration.  We will actually post these signs in the classroom and around the school to remind our friends and teachers ways that they can recycle.
Steps to complete Real World Activity

1.  Discuss some of the causes for different types of pollution.
2.  Discuss ways that the students can help prevent those different types of pollution.
3.  Go to the Kids Recycling page linked in the last question above.
4.  Go through the different links for recycling different types of materials.
5.  Once you feel that you know about the different types of recycling you are ready to create your reminder posters.

Topic Literature Activity
"Where Does Pollution Come From?"
Written By:  C. Vance Cast


Topic Literatue Activity
A:  How can we manage waste?
B: Here are 4 questions tocheck understanding while you are reading the book to them:
1.  What is pollution?
2.  What is solid waste pollution?
3.  What is noise pollution?
4.  What are some ways you can help prevent pollution?

C:  Here are two critical thinking quetions based on the book:
1.  How do you think pollution affects the way we live?
2.  How can you control pollution?

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