Look in The Sky.....
Things that Fly!!!

This TopicQuest was designed for Yasmine and Xzadrian
at Eastside Elementary School by Kawana Moffett,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Have you ever looked in the sky and saw something fly by, and wondered how it got there?  Was it the wind or something within that made it go everywhere.  It's a mystery to some and to others an art that isn't very well known.  You've to come to the right place to learn all about it.... Welcome to the AIR ZONE! 

What is Aerodynamics?  how does it work?  This site gives a detailed description about aerodynamics.
Paper air planes are neat, But how do they work?  What makes them fly?  Find out at this site. And if that site doesn't explain it well enough, try here.
Have you ever wondered what makes a kite fly?  This site gives a detailed description on Kites and how they fly. 
How are hot air balloons put together?  What makes them fly?  These are all questions that this site explain.
What makes a blimp fly?  How is it built?  This site has the details to help you find out.
Small Passenger Airplanes are quite complex machines.  This site gives details on how it is built and how it stays in the air. 
Commercial Airplanes are also complex machines; have you ever wondered how they work?  Find out the details at this site.
Have you ever wondered who invented the helicopter?  Where did they come from?  This site gives you the history of the helicopter.
What is a satellite?  how does it get into space?  Find out at this site.
How does the space shuttle work?  What causes it to fly?  This site gives the details.

Let's pretend that we are outside lying in the grass, and looking up at the sky. What are some of the things that you could  possibly see flying by?  Draw a picture of the things that you would probably see and give a brief description about your picture. To help you get started, try going to  BalloonZone, or thinking about other sites that we have visited.  You can also go outside, look at the sky, and draw some things that you may see flying by.  Let your imagination fly high as you create your picture!!!!
Mission Steps

1. Pretend you are outside looking up in the sky.

2. Draw a picture of what you would see in the sky.

3. Give a brief description of your picture and tell us what you saw.

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