Clifford Runs to Story Time
By: Norman Bridwell
Picture and Page Design By: Kawana Moffett

Clifford Runs to Story Time is the book I chose to draw my picture on.  This book, as well as many other Clifford books in this series, is published by Scholastic, Inc.  I chose this book because my children and I love to read about and watch Clifford!

Clifford Runs to Story Time is about Clifford, who is also known as "The Big Red Dog"; I'm sure you can see why they call him that.  In this story Clifford is running.   First, he quickly runs past some people doing lawn work.  As he passes, they wonder, "Why is Clifford running so fast?"   Next, Clifford passes a car riding down the road.  They too, wonder, where Clifford is going so fast.

Then, Clifford runs faster than the train going down the train tracks.   Hurriedly, he then passes a plane flying in the sky.  Clifford finally arrives at the Public Library.  Why is Clifford running so fast?  He's running because it was story time at the library, and he did not want to miss the story!

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