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pink daisy with twin heads

My name is Kathleen Crowder, but everyone calls me Katie.  I was born in Homestead, Florida. but I have lived in Valdosta, Georgia. for the past 14 years.  I am currently a Junior at Valdosta State University in the Early Childhood and Special Education Department and I am majoring in Early Childhood Education.  When I graduate I would like to become a third grade teacher at James Lovett Dewar Elementary School.  I am very excited about my future as a teacher and can not wait to get into the classrooms!

Since I am training to become a teacher for the state of Georgia, I use the Georgia Performance Standards to plan all my lessons.  I also found some awesome advice for first time teachers which I will definitely be re-reading before I start my first year in my own classroom!

I spend most of my time at Valdosta State because if I am not in class I am working with Dr. Brian Gerber.  He has a great program that he recently started called Math Science Partnership in which we have two large groups, one of third through fifth grade teachers and one of sixth through eighth grade teachers.  During this program we try to show the teacher new hands-on methods of teaching math and science.  Also, in this program we gave the participating teachers iPods that they use to upload Podcasts from our website.  The podcasts that they upload are lesson plans that were developed by master teachers in the area.

My fifteen year old sister, Alex, and I are truly best friends and my Pomeranian Chasin' is just like a child to me!

sisterzs        dog wearing hat and sunglasses

I love being outside!  There is just so very much to do outside and there are always great new adventures waiting for you!  I love fishing, especially salt water fishing!  There is nothing more exciting then hooking a fish and reeling them in!  One of my favorite places to go fishing is Perry, Florida. there are so many great fishing spots there, but probably my favorite one there is Keaton Beach

trout    trout

I also enjoy taking pictures of nature.  The daisy picture at the top of the page is probably my favorite picture that I have taken.  Here are a few more:

rays mill pond   waterfall  sailboat

flowers   rays mill pond hut

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