Fall Fun
This Topic Mini-Research & Liturature Web Page
was developed for Mrs. Missy's Pre-K Class at Berrien County Primary School
Designed By Kimberly Bennnett, a Valdosta State Universtiy Preservice Teacher

Fall night

Leaves with Acron
Why do leaves change their color?  Visit this web site and you will get to watch a movie that shows and tells you why and how leaves change their colors !
During the Fall season leaves begin to change colors. The change in colors is very beautiful.  Visit this website to learn what how the leaves change colors.
fall leaves What colors do leaves change and how does this process happen. Explore Leaves Change Colors to learn about the changing of colors.
pumpkins Halloween is a very dangerous season. It is important to be safe while trick-or-treating. Take this Halloween Safety Quiz Game to learn about Halloween safety.

Mini-Research Real-World Activity
Watch the online movie
about leaves. Explore the website Leaves Change Colors and how the leaves change colors. Now that you know everything about leaves you are going to make an art folder to take with you so that you can pretend to be a teacher and teach all that you know about leaves to your friends. In your art folder you are going to have: a picture that you draw of you with your favorite color leaf, then you will have a leaf tracing of your favorite leaf, and you will have a leaf that you pick. First you have to dig around in a box full of leaves that your teacher has brought for you and pretend to be a nature hunter to find your favorite leaf. This may take a few minutes to do beacuse it has to be the perfect leaf. Then you will come back to the table and prepare the leaf folder using your perfect leaf. To show how much you have learned write or tell your teacher two facts that you have learned about leaves.
Steps For Real-World Activity
1. Watch the online movie and explore the websites Leaves Change Colors and how the leaves change colors to learn all about leaves.
2. Go to the leaf box with a teacher and find your most favorite leaf (its got to     be a good one!!)
3. Come back to the table and draw you with your favorite leaf.
4. Place the leaf upside down with a sheet of paper on top and lightly color over     it to make your leaf tracing.
5. Then glue or tape your leaf to a sheet of paper and write one sentence about     it.
6. Place all acitivites inside folder to take with you so that you can pretend to be     a teacher and teach all that you know about leaves to your friends so they         can be experts just like you. 

Topic Literature Activity
Clifford's First Autumn
Norman Bridwell


Topic Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking

CliffordA. In Autumn the leaves change to beautiful colors like they did in "Clifford's First Autumn" go to this website to see how they change Leaves Change Colors.
B. Critical Thinking Questions
  1. What would happen if the leaves never fell off the trees?
  2. What is your favorite event that happens in the fall?

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