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Hello, I am Kimberly Bennett, I am from Nashville, Georgia. I am in my first professional block for Early Childhood Education at Valdosta State University College of Education. I am a junior and am expecting to grauduate in Fall 2007. I have a deep passion for children and hope to spend many years teaching small children. My dream profession is to teach kindergarten students and give them a wonderful first year and carry memories through the rest of their educational experiences.

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I have many hobbies my most favorite and the one that I spend the most time doing is racing. I have been racing with my family since I was a very small child. When I was born my Daddy drove a round track car then raced go carts, as I got older he began drag racing. When I turned eight I got a Jr. Dragster that I drag raced. The next car that I had was a round track car called a Legends car. Now both my Daddy and I have drag racing cars again. We race and I work on the weekends at
South Georgia Motorsports Park in Adel, Ga.

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There are many websites that can be very helpful to teachers. One that I have found to be helpful and fun is Crayola.  Crayola has activites and infromation for parents, students and teachers. Another site that I have found to be very helpful is Brain Pop. This site also has activites for parents as well as teachers. Out of all the website that I have found and looked at my most favorite and the one that goes with my theme is PBS Clifford.

Magic Kingdon
One of my most favorite  places to visit is Disney World. Being there bring out the kid in everyone. I have only been there three times but plan on going back many times.  I am going there again in the fall before it gets to cold but it will not be so hot.  My second favorite place to visit is Mexico, I have been there twice and I really enjoyed it both times. I work with a traveling race team that travels all around the World so I feel that I will get to see many things in my future.

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