Fall Into A New Season
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Soper's Kindergarten class at Moulton Branch Elementary by Kimberly Griffis, A Valdosta State University Preservice teacher.

pumpkin patch

The colors of Fall are beautiful!  Visit these fun web sites to learn about leaves changing colors, the holidays we celebrate in fall, and the Pilgrims story.  I have even included web sites about squirrels and scarecrows.  Go ahead and fall into these wonderful web sites where you can play games, read stories, carve your own pumpkin, and go on a turkey hunt.

1.  Why do leaves change color?  Find out where leaves come from, how and why leaves change color, and why leaves fall at this web site.
2.  Squirrels gather nuts in the fall.  Do you want to learn more about squirrels?  Visit the Squirrel Place and click on any of the objects to find out many interesting things about squirrels.
3.   Are you going trick-or-treating for Halloween?  Visit this web site to learn how to be safe for Halloween.  Also, it has a fun trick-or-treat game for you to play.
4.  Have you ever wanted to carve your own pumpkin?  Just visit this web site for the 3 easy no-mess steps and enjoy.
5.  Its fun to build your own scarecrow for fall.  Come visit this web site, answer a few questions, and you can build a scarecrow.
6.  The Pilgrims are a very important part of fall.  Read the Thanksgiving story here, and learn all about Pilgrims.
7.  We're Goin' on a Turkey Hunt!  At this web site, you just click on the picture to find the hiding turkey.
8.  Are you interested in Indians?  Click on this web site to find out everything you will want to know about Indians.


Scenario Mission
    Imagine your class is going on a nature walk.  Your teacher wants you to write down what things you see that relate to fall.  The first thing you see is many leaves on the ground which are many different colors.  When you walk, the leaves make a crackling sound.  The next thing you notice is the acorns on the ground.  In the distance, you see two squirrels running up and down the tree.  After the imaginary nature walk, your class visits the pumpkin patch nearby.  You see pumpkins of all different sizes.
    On your way back to school, your teacher announces that she wants everyone to draw something interesting about the nature walk. Then she says that she is going to to have you draw a picture of Fall. She says she is going to put your drawings on this website.  
    Your mission is to draw a picture about the nature walk. You need to make sure it relates to fall and write a brief description describing your picture. You can use the following web sites to help you with your drawing.

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

fgfMission Steps eree

1)  Take an adventure to all of the interesting web sites above like  leaves.
2)  When visiting the web sites above, think about what you want to draw for your pictures.
3)  Start drawing your picture about Fall.
4)  Give the drawing to your teacher.  Your teacher will put your drawing in the Fall website.  Your teacher will ask you to write something about your drawing. 

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