Topic Mini-Research & Literature Activities

This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed for
Mrs. Bett's Pre-K Class at Cook Elementary School.
Designed by: Katie Dorsey, a Valdosta State Preservice Teacher


Rain & Floods

How does rain form? What causes rain? What is a flood?
An informative site on weather and rain.

What are the stages of a butterfly?

Caterpillar Pictures
Caterpillar Fact Site
Pictures of Butterflies
Butterfly Fact Site

What is a butterfly's life cycle? What is a caterpillar?
An explanation of the life cycle of a butterfly with a fun activity for kids.

What is photosynthesis?


What is chlorophyll? How does a plant absorb minerals and water?
A website on the process of photosynthesis in plants.

All about kites!

What are different types of kites? How do kites fly? How can you make a kite?
A website for kids dedicated entirely to kites.



Butterfly Real-World Activity

We're Going on a Butterfly Hunt!

In Ms. Katie's Butterfly Hunt activity, we will put on our explorer hats and grab our butterfly nets to venture outdoors observing different stages of a butterfly. We will search for caterpillars and discuss how they evolve into big, beautiful butterflies. We will discuss the four basic stages of a butterfly and how they change while studying our caterpillars. Our first activity will be to draw our caterpillar and talk about what they look like, how they walk, and what they eat. Next we will draw our butterfly next to the caterpillar and discuss how it changed.

Steps for Butterfly Real-World Activity
Hey kids! Let's learn about butterflies!

1.) First, let's visit the butterfly life cycle site so we can see how butterflies change and evolve over time. Scroll down to the bottom and watch the animated picture. Can you see the four basic life stages of a butterfly? Trace your fingers with the picture to watch how the butterfly changes.

2.) Let's learn about caterpillars! Have you ever seen a caterpillar? There are many different kinds of caterpillars. Let's look at some pictures and pick out the ones we like the best. Next, let's look at some interesting caterpillar facts to see what we can learn.

3.) Do you remember what happens to a caterpillar? Let's visit the butterfly life cycle site again and see what we can predict about what will happen to the caterpillar as he grows.

4.) After the caterpillar transforms into the pupa stage, he then starts to look like a butterfly. Have you ever seen a butterfly? What colors do you think they are? Let's look at some pictures of butterflies and pick out our favorite ones. Next, let's visit the butterfly fact site and see what other interesting facts we can learn.

5.) Now let's draw a picture of our favorite caterpillar on a sheet of paper. If you want to look at some examples, visit the caterpillar picture site.

6.) What is going to happen to our caterpillar? Will he evolve into a big, beautiful butterfly? Let's draw our own butterfly next to the caterpillar with an arrow to show how he has changed. To see some beautiful butterflies, visit the butterfly picture site.

7.) To be successful in our butterfly hunt, we must remember what we have learned. Take a look at this diagram. Can you tell me which stage happened first? Which happened last?

Now we have learned all about butterflies! Share your picture with your friends and teachers to show them what beautiful butterflies you have drawn!



Topic-Relate Literature Activity
Spring: An Alphabet Acrostic
By: Steven Schnur

Topic Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions

1) If it was springtime and you could plan an activity outside, what would you like to do?

2) Describe some of the characteristics of spring including weather, plants, and animals.



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