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cute dogs

        WUF! WUF! Thanks for taking a "PAWZ" to look at my web Page.  My name is Katherine Gaskins.  I am a junior at Valdosta State University.  I am currently enrolled in the second cohort, off campus Early Childhood and Reading Education program, at South Georgia College.  I plan to graduate in the spring of 2006.  I hope to find a job teaching pre-k or first grade in the Coffee County School System.

          I have been married for almost 25 years to my husband, Mike.  I have 3 daughters: Mandy, 23 (a recent graduate of Ga. Tech), Carrie, 20 (currently attending SGC), and Katie, 18 (will attend SGC in the fall).                       
                                                My three girls on Mandy's wedding day!
                                                                New Year's Eve 2003
                                                           (Katie, Mandy, and Carrie)

 I also have a precious sixth month old puppy named Penny. Penny is a full blooded miniature dachshund. 
Dachshunds are wonderful pets. 

                      dogwithtail                   dogonback                   

They are great with children.  During my free time, (I am not sure I remember what that is), I enjoy eating, shopping,  playing with my dog, and traveling. I have lived in
Douglas, Georgia  most of my life, although  I have visited places all over the United States and abroad.   My most memorable trip is to New York City with  a group of friends I travel with. We had so much fun.  We were on the Today Show when Elton John was there. It is a great place to visit!

dogandpups                             reindeerdog         



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