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    HI! Welcome to my page. My name is Kelly Whiddon and  I am currently a junior at Valdosta State University and I am majoring in Early Childhood Education. I am currently in my first block and extremely busy! I really enjoy attending VSU! I have always wanted to teach elementary school and I can't wait until I get my own classroom. I have worked at a daycare for the past two summers and that experience made me realize how much I am going to enjoy teaching. I have always loved being around and helping children.
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    I grew up in Perry, Georgia and I atte
nded TheWestfield School. I was a Westfield hornet from the time I was four in pre-k until I was eighteen and graduated in 2007. I hope I will get to go back to the area to teach one day.

    When I am home I spend my time with my wonderful family. I have one younger sister named Kaci who is now a senior at Westfield. I also have a boyfriend, Blake, that i have been dating for four years. My family is made up of forty people and they are all very important to me. We love to have cookouts and "get-togethers." We are all extremely close. While I am in Valdosta I live with two of my best friends, Ashley and Jackie, in a very cute apartment that we all love. We also have a cat named Oswald who has gotten very fat.

If you can't already tell, I really love the beach and taking pictures. Some websites that I enjoy visiting are Snapfish for my pictures and Mexico Beach. On Snapfish I can store my pictuers and even do some great gift ideas with pictures. On the website for Mexico Beach I love to go and look at places to stay and the different things to do there. I have also found some websites that could be very helpful to teachers. These websites are Scholastics and Georgia Performance Standards. Some websites that I have found that could be helpful for parents are Kids Health and Georgia Performance Standards for parents .

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The Cousins with our Grandparents
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My family   My boyfriend, Blake and I
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