Let's Get Busy with Bugs...
"Eric Carle" Style!

This TopicQuest was designed for
Miss Campbell's Kindergarten Class
at Lomax-Pinevale Elementary School
By Kelle Spencer, a Valdosta State University
Preservice Teacher.
Spring time is upon us and you are sure to see bugs out and about.  Some are creapy and some are crawly but they all have their own story to tell.  If you want to investigate into some wonderful stories that are full of busy bugs pick up some of Eric Carle's books.  So with that in mind are you ready to set out on an adventure with insects "Eric Carle" Style?  Are you ready to learn about hungry caterpillars, grouchy ladybugs, clumsy clicking beetles, brave honeybees, or maybe some lonely fireflies, busy spiders, and even quiet crickets?  Do you want to ask Eric Carle some questions?  Do you want to play some games with bugs?  Would you like to learn where bugs live and what they eat?  Well if you think you are ready, go ahead and begin your adventure with insects and maybe even check out some great Eric Carle books along the way!


Do you love Eric Carle books?  If so, and I know you do, check out this website.  You can read all about his books and even find out some answers
to questions you might have about Eric Carle like...what is his favorite color or what is his favorit book or maybe even ask if he has any hobbies? 
You must visit
Eric Carle's Official Website

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

So what are all these creapy crawly insects all about? How do they craw around?  With legs silly.  On the Magic School Bus Website you can play a game and try to match the correct set of legs with correct insect's body.  It is so much fun! 
You will all kinds of cooll facts about insects.  Have Fun!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

If you have a taste for exploring a caterpillars life check out this website.  Maybe you too will be hungry for making your very own butterfly.


The Grouchy Ladybug

How would you like to write your very own story about a ladybug just like Eric Carle did in the
The Grouchy Lady Bug?  I bet that you would enjoy looking at some cool pictures of ladybugs too.  Maybe you would even like to learn some cool facts.  Well if so...you must visit this website
devoted to some not so grouchy

The Clumsy Click Beetle

Check out some awesome pictures of
They may or may not be what you excpected!

The Brave Honeybee and the Robber

Want to be brave?  How about try your hand at cooking?  That's right I said cooking.  If you think you are as Brave as a Honeybee look through these yummy recipes and find one that would beeeee great!

The Very Busy Spider

Have you ever looked at a spider web up close?  Well if you haven't, take a peak and see how a spider web looks like a maze.  If you think you can handle it, print off the maze and  try to find your way through the spider web,
that the very busy spider made.


The Loney Firefly

How would you like to color your own picture of a firefly?  If so you could be an illustrator of a firefly just like Eric Carle in The Lonely Firefly.  Do you think you might enjoy looking at some other kids art work?  Or maybe you might like to write a letter to Sparky the firefly.  Well how about try out some of these things and visit Sparky the Firefly and keep him company where he want be so lonely. 

The Very Quiet Cricket

Check this site, where you can learn all about a
cricket!  This site is so cool you better keep it quiet or all your friends will be churping about how fun it is!

Ready to get busy with bugs!  You can do all kinds of fun activites and at the same time learn about all kinds of other bugs!  You will have a blast with bugs!


You have just received your first job as an Author and Illustrator for the magazine "What's Bugging You?"  It is a magazine that is all about bugs!  They want you to write and illustrate the Spring addition!  Your mission is to write a story about your favorite bug. It can be a happy, sad, funny or scary...it is completely up to you!  This is your chance to get busy writing and illustrating just like Eric Carle!  Well now that you have heard the Buzzzz, let's get started!

Mission Steps...

1. Visit the Bug websites on the Internet
for ideas to begin.

2. Decide what type of Bug you are going
to write about.

3.  Begin writing your cool bug story.

4. After writing your story,
start on the illustrations.

5. Make sure you stay on topic and
that your pictures mactch your words.

6.  Take a seat in the Author's chair
and share your book with the rest of the class.


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