Giggle, Giggle, Quack

Author Doreen Cronin
Page Designed by Kelle Spencer



 Farmer Brown decides it is time for a much needed vacation.  He calls his brother Bob and ask him to take care of the farm animals while he is gone.  He makes sure to tell him to keep a close eye on Duck, because he is trouble! 

   Farmer Brown leaves Bob with list of things he is suppose to do while he is gone.  Bob does his best to follow, what he thinks, are Farmers Brown's notes but they were really written by Duck. With Duck writing Bob's notes...bubble baths with Farmer Brown's good bubble bath and the movie the sound of Moosic are on the agenda. The giggle, giggle, quack in the title is the sound the animals make as they get their scheme over on Bob.  

    Well, of course all good things must come to an end. Farmer Brown catches on to what the animals are up to when he calls home and Duck answers the phone.


Critical Thinking Questions...

If you were Duck, what kind of tricks
would you have played on Bob?

What do you think Farmer Brown is
going to do when he gets home?

If you could have been one of the farm
animals in the book, who would you
have been?  Why?

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