Just A Thunderstorm
Authors: Gina and Mercer Mayer
Picture and Page Designed By Kydie Sheffield

little children looking ou window

      A thunderstorm was coming, and the wind was blowing. The little girl helped her mom bring in the clothes from the clothesline, and her brother picked his toys up out of the yard. Then it began to thunder.

       It started pouring down rain.  The little girl and her brother ran outside to roll up the car windows. They got soaked.  While their mom was making dinner, they saw lightening. Then the power went out. Their dad lit some candles and made a fire in the fireplace. For  dinner they roasted marshmellows and hot dogs. They thought it was just like a real campout.

       When the power came back on the little girl and her brother tried to watch their favorite TV show, but the weatherman kept interrupting it. Soon mom and dad said it was time to go to bed. They didn't want to go because of all the thunder.

      Do you think the little girl and her brother went to bed? What do you think happened next?

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