....Get Jazzy With Food
This TopicQuest was designed for Shon and Greg
By Kesha Brown, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher



Hello!!! Today we are going to be talking about food.  Food is very important for the survival in human aspect.  In this lesson we are going to learn to prepare a well balanced meal, find recipes, look at some foods, and browse the many different food groups.  We all know it is summer and most of  you are home all day.  Have you ever wanted snack ideas other the regular snacks you eat while sitting at home?  Do you want to be able to prepare your own meal?  Well if you answered yes you've just stepped into he right place.  So take this journey then come up with your own menu.

5 a day
1 Did you know that you need 5 of these a day?  If not this website will show you all the main foods that you will need on a daily basis.  And also help with menus.
2Snacks are really good while watching t.v. or just being bored around the house.  Check out this website for snacking ideas.  Let's get snacking.
3.  Do you know where the best burger to me can be found?  This burger has 2 peices of meat, mac sauce, 3 buns, and cheese.
4.  Apples are a part of the food group.  Do you know how many different types of apples the are?  If not check out this website.
5.  Did you know there is a website just for kids and  food?  This website will help you  with recipe ideas.  Check this out then maybe you fix supper tonight for your family.
6.    Do you like vegetables?  This website will give you good information on vegetable and where they got their name from.

You just found out that you have been selected to participate in a kids food challenge.  The letter states that you have to prepare a meal for 5 judges and it has to be a well balanced meal.  Your  mission will be to prepare a well balanced meal on a piece of paper before you go to the challenge.  Then if you are selected you will have to travel to New York to the cook off.  The prize is going to be a $5,000 shopping spree from Toy's R Us.   LET"S GET COOKING!!!

Mission Steps

1.  Check the website for different foods.
2.  Go back and review list of foods you think you might want to try out.
3.  Prepare a menu with the items you selected making sure it is well balanced.
4.  Get a piece of construction paper and trace a picture of a plate, cup, fork, and knife  getting ready to send in your menu for the judges.  You are to draw pictures of the menu that is going to be prepared.
5.  After you have decided on your menu mail it in to the judges and wait for their results.
6.  Start practicing your recipe just in case your menu is chosen.

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