Sam's 1st Day of School
story and picture by Kesha Brown


    Tuesday, was going to be Sam's first day of Pre-K.  Sam had never been to school before, because he always stayed with his grandmother while his mother went to work.  He was nervous but at the same time he was happy to be going to school like his older brother and sister.  Monday, Sam and his mother went to open house at the school.  He was going to be in Ms. Brown's Pre-K classroom.  As they entered to meet the teacher Sam's eyes got big and his cheeks turned candy apple red.  He looked around at the many pictures on the wall and the many different centers.  Sam was excited but never let go of his mother's hand.  As they left Sam told his mother he was ready to go to Pre-K.

    The next morning Sam woke up nervous and wanted to go to his grandmother's house and not to school.  His mother stated that school was going to be fun and he was going to learn many different things.  So Sam calmed down and got ready to go to his first day of school.  As they entered the school he saw some kids crying and some kids anxious to be going to school. They got closer to the class and he started crying. He entered the class and saw Ms. Brown standing at the corner table talking to another student.  She approached him and explained that everything was going to be okay.  Ms. Brown told Sam that she was going to show him where he could store his bookbag and sit at.  Sam's mother told him that she had to go to work and she would be back for him shortly.   He let her hand go and followed Ms. Brown to his seat.  As he saw other students coming and meeting new friends he felt better.  Ms. Brown told them important information for the classroom and told them they could go to the centers and play. 

    As the day passed by Sam got better and better.  At 2:15 his mother came and picked him up and he told his mother he really enjoyed going to school and was ready to go back to play with Devonta and Shon.  He told his mother about all the different things they had done at school. She was very proud of Sam and was pleased with himself.

Activity for Lesson Using Critical Thinking

After sharing your creative writing story with your students, have your students use their critical thinking skills to answer the following questions to write or dictate their story.  After writing their stories, have the students draw a picture using the Paint program to illustrate their story.

Critical thinking questions to ask students that would change your story to their story:
1. How would you change the main character? (Introduction)
2. Where would your story take place? (Setting)
3. What would happen to the main character in your story? (Plot)
4. How would your story end? (Ending)

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