Know Your Neighborhood Helpers!

This topic was designed for for Mrs. Norwood's kindergarten class at Lomax-Pinevale Elementary School
 by Kelly Sahlbom, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


             Have you ever wondered what a community helper is and who they are in your neighborhood? A community helper is anyone in the community who helps others by providing a service of some kind. You probably see a community helper everyday. Your teacher, a police officer, a fireman, doctors, firemen, and even your school librarian is a community helper. These people are everywhere all over the world. Look at all of these websites to learn more about what each community helper does!

A doctor is very important in the community. They take care of people when they are sick or are there just to make sure that everything is ok. To learn more about being healthy and keeping good health habits.

A librarian can be found in the library. They are the ones that check out books to you and can help you find anything you need in the library. This helps out a lot with school! Look at this site about librarians to find out more about what they do!

Police Officer
A police officer is greatly needed in every community. They help protect us and keep our neighborhood safe!  To learn more about them and how to keep safe, visit this cool site about kid's safety!

A fireman is someone who puts out fires and performs rescue missions! These people can look really scary in their uniforms, but if you are in a fire and you see one of these guys, do not be afraid! Learn more about fire safety!

Okay, I know you guys already know what a teacher is,but what you do not know is that they are a very important part of the community! Teachers work hard to help you learn important information! Find out more about what teachers do!

The dentist helps your teeth stay healthy. Whenever you have any problems with your teeth they fix whatever is wrong. Want to know what all goes on at the dentist?

Mission Activity
Your mission is to be a community helper for a day! Choose your favorite community helper and draw a picture of that community helper. Tell why you chose this community helper and what your job would be if you were that community helper. To find out what your favorite community helper does, look at this website and match your community helper with their job duties!

Mission Steps
   1. Pick your favorite community helper and draw a picture of them.
    2. Tell the teacher why you chose the community helper and what you think they do.

    3. Then look at the website "What's my Job?" and see if you can match the right community helper with the correct job!
Good Luck Everyone!

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